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Get transmission repair services in Bradenton, FL

When your vehicle has a transmission problem, it can be difficult to speed up when you need to. AutoMedic Total Car Repair offers transmission repair services in Bradenton, Florida.

Our team of ASE master technicians will troubleshoot the problem and determine the best repair option. We use professional tools and quality products on all kinds of domestic and imported vehicles.

Your transmission rebuild or repair work includes a service warranty. Contact AutoMedic Total Car Repair today to learn more about our transmission rebuild service in Bradenton, FL.

5 signs you need transmission repairs

It's important to get your transmission fixed as soon as you notice a problem. There are numerous signs your vehicle requires transmission repair services, including:

  1. Having problems shifting gears
  2. Hearing gears grinding or other unusual noises
  3. Smelling a burning odor
  4. Noticing leaking transmission fluid
  5. Missing gears as your automatic transmission shifts

We're currently offering $100 off any transmission rebuild. Visit our auto repair shop today for transmission repair services in Bradenton, FL.